Tuesday, December 26, 2006

On Gerald Ford's Fall

Should it be deemed

an irony or an

homage that on

the announcement of the death

of President Gerald Ford (1913-2006)

Fox television burst out of its newscast

with Homer Simpson falling down a flight

of stairs?* Will history require

that Mr. Ford’s tumble

down the stairs of Air Force One should define

his mythology? Or will the Fox’s spin

:Ford-- Healer of the Nation’s Wounds:

prevail? Neither history nor Fox News

will record that on December 26, 2006

a sudden and permanent burst

of empty opened in the heart of Betty, on December

26, 2006 sons and daughters logged each frame

of moment like an image in a family album as their

indefatigable father wearied

and fell

into history’s capricious arms. Neither

Fox News, nor posterity

will rise and recognize

this as the moment

worthy of defining


C. Seda


Sheryl said...

Hey Carmen,
I'm on my way. Finally!

Emmy said...

Hi Carmen,
Welcome to bloglandia!

I'm in EPT for a few days... hope to catch up with you soon.